Happy Solstice from @edent_solar

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Today is the longest daylight of the year. We had our new solar panels installed just after the vernal equinox - so now seems to be a good time to check in on how they're doing.

(Who am I kidding - I look at their output several times per day!)

As of right now, they've generated 1.79 MegaWatt hours in total!

You can view the live graph and you can follow the panels on Twitter.

The best

A combination of clear skies and gentle Spring breezes produced this corker of an output

The worst

Of course, it isn't all sunshine and roses.

Our daily consumption is usually under 9kWh. And most days we generate more than that. Occasionally, the British drizzle is overpowering.

Comparison is the thief of joy

We have split panels. Half are East facing, and catch the morning sunshine. The others are West facing, and convert solar until sunset.

This lets us see how each side is doing, which I find interesting.

So, there you go. Solar in the UK is feasible. It works really well. And it makes me happy.

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