Game Review: Minit (and how to get it working on Ubuntu Linux)

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews.

I like puzzle games, and Minit has a unique twist. You only have 60 seconds to complete each action. But, before we get onto the review, here's how to get it running on Linux.


  • Download the file to your Downloads directory.
  • Download libssl_1.0.0_32-bit.tar.gz and put it in the same directory as the game archive.
  • Install
  • Once you've installed, use the command line, go to where you cloned the git repo and run ./ ~/Downloads/
  • It will create a game package which you can install by following the on-screen instructions. Usually, that's sudo apt install ~/git/ ~/git/


It's a top-down, one-map-per-screen adventure puzzler. Pick up the thing, take it over there. Find the person, slay the dragon. All rendered in glorious one-bit graphics.

Simple black and white graphics.

The mechanism of constant death is neat. You know that every mission is time limited. And it means you can't waste too much time battling baddies.

Black and white graphics in a blocky style.

But, after a couple of hours, it does get a bit wearing. The objectives are sufficiently obscure that you end up wandering around aimlessly hoping to find the thing. I resorted to reading a guide, which kinda showed there's no way to understand how to beat the game.

You can probably figure out that you can use a watering can to put out a fire. But the only way to solve other puzzles is to literally click on everything on a screen in the hope it does something. There's no quest log, so you'd better have a good memory for what you're doing.

It's a neat game, and a quirky mechanic, but a little too illogical for my liking.


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