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The thing about EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER is that it is EXTREME. And it is so EXTREME that it feels a little like a tweenager shouting about how bad-ass they are.

The story aesthetic is gorgeous. Brilliant mix of cartoon and ASCII art.

A cartoon person stands in front of ASCII art shelves in a supermrket.

I'm not good with controls. I found moving the mouse in one direction while navigating my MEATPUNK MECH in another to be a bit confusing. And, if I'm honest, the graphics for the fights are a bit too lo-fi for my liking. But you can skip the fights if you want and just play story mode.

Crappy blocky graphics.

Like lots of indie games, it doesn't really matter what choices you make. The story progresses in a set fashion, all you're doing is selecting the brand of snark that comes out of the characters' mouths.

The EXTREME DRAMA is a bit wearing if you play the game all in one go. Probably best to spread the episodes out. Otherwise you become a bit numb to the endless EXTREME MEAT GORE.

Sample dialogue "You strap into theribcage bracing against the bones as you shove your neck onto the nerve spike."

Works perfectly on Linux. And the soundtrack is brilliant.



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  1. I couldn’t help but read the image text “CASS slowly walks up the aisle” without hearing Another One Bites The Dust in my head.

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