For Sale - Animated Laptop Stickers

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This Tweet went unexpectedly viral!

Buy them!

So I bought 200 of them for use as laptop stickers. I have an understanding wife.

After some feedback from the sticker experts at TwenT3 - I redesigned them to be green text on a black background.

The lenticular lines give it a bit of a CRT quality, don't you think?

In non-COVID times, I'd be handing these out at conferences as swag. But *looks at the world* I don't know when those days are returning.

So, I'm selling them. Prices include shipping to the UK.


  • [Buy 1 for £6]
  • [Buy 5 for £25]
  • [Buy 10 for £45]
  • [Buy 20 for £60]

Please include your address details!

If instead of PayPal you want to send me a bank transfer, Amazon vouchers, or pizza - please contact me.
If you want postage outside of the UK, let me know and I'll find out the price.

Only 0 stickers remaining!

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