Mondrian Windows

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One of the problems with buying a house, is that you're inevitably stuck with someone else's taste in decor. Our new place isn't too bad - it's just a little dull. With lockdown in full-force, some of the boring bits of the house have been annoying me more than is reasonable.

I'm not a big fan of net curtains. They always look a bit ratty, and are a dust trap. So we decided to get some "stained glass" privacy film. We found this beautiful Mondrian-style sticker

Coloured squares separated by thick black lines. They glow with sunlight.

It brings me joy every day to see something so bright and illuminated. As a bonus, when the sun is just at the right angle, it shines a rainbow on our stairs.

A beautiful pattern of coloured squares dances on the stairs.

A long roll was about £8 on Amazon

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