Fix screen tearing on rotated external monitors (Ubuntu / POP!_OS)

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I have a vertical monitor for my new Linux laptop. Because it is rotated 90 degrees, this causes problems with some graphics drivers on Linux (and Mac!). Here's a solution I found for my Intel graphics card.

Edit this file:

sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

Find this line:


Change it to:



On Pop!_OS, there is this settings cog in the bottom right corner. (Different login screens may have it elsewhere).

Pop up window with several login options.

Choose "Pop on Wayland". Or "Wayland" - depending on your Desktop Environment.

That's it! No tearing when scrolling or playing videos! If you've changed your screen scaling, you might have to fiddle with it to get back to normal - but everything should just work.

3 thoughts on “Fix screen tearing on rotated external monitors (Ubuntu / POP!_OS)

  1. Yeah, wayland actually aims to avoid screen tearing whilst X11 doesn't, so enabling that is generally a good step 🙂

  2. Tin Omen says:

    Thanks! This worked well. Pop_OS! 20.10. Was getting weird screen gibberish when moving windows around. Changed to Wayland, problem is now gone. Dell Latitude E7270

  3. Works on T470 as well! Thanks.

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