Finding your most popular Tweets

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Twitter’s search interface has all sorts of lovely and obscure options.

My three favourites are “min_retweets:”, “min_replies:”, and “min_faves:”

Using those filters, you can create a search for Tweets which meet a certain threshold. For example, here are my Tweets which have been liked more than 500 times: min_faves:500

Here are the ones which have been retweeted 300 times with at least 100 replies: min_replies:100 min_retweets:100

Of course, you don’t have to do this for your own Tweets. You can perform the search on any term, or any user.

One thought on “Finding your most popular Tweets

  1. ambiguator says:

    This is great – thank you!

    So much better than timehop, which doesn’t show me the right tweets and makes it impossible to actually get to the source.

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