Configuring Pop!_OS - Keyboard lights, fonts, and more

I've got a new laptop which runs Linux! These are mostly notes to myself.


First, from the console, install Gnome Tweaks

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Run Tweaks and select "Fonts".
Font selection panel.
You can swap fonts, boost them, and generally have a good fiddle. Increasing the scaling factor is a good way to boost the size of all desktop elements.

Bluetooth - rename

By default the Bluetooth name is pop_os.

sudo nano /etc/hostname

Replace it with whatever you like.

Keyboard Lights

You will need to use Tuxedo. It's a bit complicated.

git clone
cd tuxedo-keyboard
git checkout release

Now edit the Makefile. Find the lines with

# Package version and name from dkms.conf
VER := $(shell sed -n 's/^PACKAGE_VERSION=\([^\n]*\)/\1/p' dkms.conf)
MODULE_NAME := $(shell sed -n 's/^PACKAGE_NAME=\([^\n]*\)/\1/p' dkms.conf)

Change dkms.conf to the full path of your git download. For example

# Package version and name from dkms.conf
VER := $(shell sed -n 's/^PACKAGE_VERSION=\([^\n]*\)/\1/p' /home/MYNAME/git/tuxedo-keyboard/dkms.conf)
MODULE_NAME := $(shell sed -n 's/^PACKAGE_NAME=\([^\n]*\)/\1/p' /home/MYNAME/git/tuxedo-keyboard/dkms.conf)

Save the file. Now run:

make clean
sudo make dkmsinstall
sudo modprobe tuxedo_keyboard

Testing! Press the Fn key and the numpad symbols

  • [Fn] / changes the colours. You get red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, white, off
  • [Fn] * toggles the lights on and off
  • [Fn] - dims the lights
  • [Fn] + increases brightness

You can also install this widget to help manage things.

Screen Tearing

See Fix screen tearing on rotated external monitors (Ubuntu / POP!_OS)

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