Building a physical <blink> tag!

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This is the latest of my many terrible lockdown-induced ideas. I'm saving money on commuting. So I'm spending it on tech-crap I really don't need. I bought a new laptop sticker.

Anyway, enough waffle, here's the end result:

This uses 2-frame lenticular printing.


No browser supports the <blink> element any more. It used to make text blink. It was a silly idea that got out of hand.

And now I have summoned it back to life in physical form. I am bad.
Please don't report me to the W3C.


Lenticular printing is expensive. Most places I found in the UK quoted me around £4 per sticker - but with a minimum order of 100. Youch! They used to give these away free with cereal packets, right?

I contacted a couple of sellers on Alibaba. They quoted around £2.20 per sticker - but with minimum quantities in the thousands. I'd probably have to pay import duty as well.

Eventually, I found TwenT3. Their costs were a much more reasonable £100 for 100 cards. Also, they were the only place which were willing to sell me a single business card, as a sample. Total cost? A fiver - including postage!

I then used some double-sided tape to stick it to my new Linux laptop.


I did consider Eink - but even small displays are expensive. And frequent refreshes can damage the screen. I wanted to stick this to the back of a laptop, and I couldn't find a thin, battery powered board.

What's the point?


27 thoughts on “Building a physical <blink> tag!

  1. FJ!! says:

    I really don't know what to feel now.

  2. Can’t decide if evil or genius . Maybe evil genius ?

  3. this is damaging my health

  4. zdıɟ says:

    what kind of witchcraft is this? When I blink, it blinks at exactly the same time - Are you releasing the source code?

  5. Gordon Rae says:

    Why couldn't I have had this in 1997?

  6. Kit Eason says:

    How about a <center> tag that's a ball bearing balanced on a positive camber. 😀

  7. Love it. Especially the last point you make on the write up 🙂

  8. Now that's the best use of that cornflake packet tech from the 1970's I've seen!

    I also liked your Linux laptop review - handy to have an alternative to the Dells that I usually recommend to folk.…

    1. mike says:

      next we need something with shrinkie dinks

  9. That is lovely 🙂

  10. Jon says:

    I need need need this as a badge. I need it. Shut up and take my money!


  12. <money>Take mine</money>

  13. After reading, I searched <blink> on google.
    Results have blink text blinking. 😮

  14. What’s the right word for “remembered pain from the (browser) wars?”

  15. Solona says:

    That's hilarious!

  16. Alex Smith says:

    Thanks, I hate it.

  17. This is great. (And the eventually sneered-upon blink tag in HTML is what Google named Chrome’s Blink rendering engine after.)

  18. I... you... what... WHY...

    Nevermind. Just... I'm gonna go drink the industrial solvents until I dissolve the memory of this from my brainmeat.

  19. mauvedeity says:

    Every time you think that the world has reached peak awesome bonkers, something new comes along.

  20. 2 of the best things ever, combined. Blink tags and lenticulars. Reeeeally wanted to do lenticulars at Moo. Those were the days. Print: still not dead, shock.

  21. Jeremy Gould says:

    I am having a geocities acid flashback

  22. Imperica says:

    Ha ha ha. Superb.

  23. Oh my gosh. Retro web animation irl. I love this so much.

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