Similar. Though I think I'll go back to the office at the first available opportunity just for the change of scenery!

Those of us who can work from home are lucky. Those of us who already knew how to work from home are luckier. Those with employers that are able to keep paying us are even luckier. It's not just that we're still get paid, it's that we have something to do for eight hours, five days a week. There's still a structure to the day, the week. My employer has always been quite supportive of home working and got very serious about it as it started to look like it would become essential for many. It will be interesting to see how many people who didn't previously do home working at all continue doing it to some extent beyond the current situation, now that they know how to.

Food shopping is a big difference for me. I used to visit a supermarket several times a week to pick up bits and pieces, I'd grab some lunch from somewhere while I was out and about. Now a visit to a supermarket is something I properly plan. Making a list, checking it twice, (I know I've been nice), thinking about when might be least busy time to go. I've only done it twice in three weeks.