Fun to read your thoughts on this (-: I just returned a macbook air 9,1 brcause of its thermal behavior - supposedly in the first place. the truth is, i was good with the fact that macos is darwin and freebsd, and i would prefer it ten times over windows, but gnu/linux (my flavour: ubuntu with gnome classic panel on the bottom) is the real sophisticated enviroment, if you ask me! not that there are simple things in workflow, which are as a fact more intelligent (why cant i switch the menus in macos to the windows of the respectively app window? if they stay in the top panel, the way to go with the mouse is - as a matter of fact - ineffeciently farer!) And for sure i am missing a bottom panel, with a workspace indicator which shows me on a quick glance what virtual desktops contain open processes plus give me a quick control over all opened processes on that desktop (and no, the dock which indicates open processes/running apps with a dot behind them, is not alternative here.) so, long story short, i think macos is very smart, beautifull and for the most useres far better then windows. but it is not gnu/linux, it can not even touch it. a shame though, because the hardware design is fantastic. the only way i'd buy a macbook pro now, would be that i cant contribute the few groups which are trying to get gnu/linus on that machine. Best regards and have a great time, me (-: