Brilliant!!! My complaints to Apple, Microsoft, WC3 and most recently, Amazon – precede this article by 25 years. I an short sighted, low vision, visually impaired – call it what you want but the utter daftness of tooltip font size and placement on top of the text needed text is absurd. Recently, I have played with various resolutions of my aged Thunderbolt 27.5″ monitor along with many of thre accessibility features provided by Apple on my 2018 MBP. I have had success in important areas to me – but not on the tooltips, menu bar or thickness of font etc. to which this srticle relates. There was, several years ago, a Guy who wrote a procedure to actually accomplish the tooltip issue. It actually worked but I recall sveral problems with it and I believe it only worked on a specific instance and on a one off basis — or something like that. FYI, the guy was a trainer for and it must be about 10 years distant by now. Last year, I was trying to access musical notation from an Amazon Kindle book I purchase. The notation was provided in image format so enlarging was out of the question. After contacting Amazon, they contacted me and I basically had to point out that I am visually impaired whether I read text or graphical symbols of even just look at images. They promised a good look at my suggestions but nothing as yet.