The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who – Series 12

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Hello fam! I’ve identified all of the mobile phones used in every single episode of Doctor Who! This post looks at S12 – but feel free to rummage in the archives.

Spyfall – part 1

Straight out of the credits, and The Doctor is yapping away on this gorgeous retro flipper.
The Doctor holding a blue flip phone.
It isn’t the 2020 Moto Razr with folding screen – it’s literally the original Razr V3i!

Hello Moto! We haven’t seen a Razr since Series 4’s “The End Of Time”.

Vor CEO – and 7% alien – Daniel Barton has a SRS BZNS phone.
A phone with a keyboard.

Not many Androids with a keyboard any more. Judging from the camera holes, it’s the Blackberry Keyone

Spyfall – part 2

The bonkers adventure continues – with a bumper crop of phones! Yay!

Yaz, Graham, Ryan with phones.

Yaz still has her iPhone 6+ from last season.

Ryan’s phone also looks the same as last season’s and has a big Samsung logo on it.

Ryan's phone.

Probably a Galaxy S7 – but could be almost anything.

Graham’s phone, like all modern devices, is basically an anonymous black rectangle. No further clues. He did have an iPhone last season.

Graham's phone.

And then they all get smashed. Noooooo!

Phones being stamped on.

The props team obviously know I’m watching 😉

Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

The Doc and Yaz have the same phones. Obvious universal roaming is enabled with the TARDIS as the base station.

This episode relies quite heavily on the notion that Tesla invented wireless communications, so a pity he didn’t get to see the mobiles in action.

Fugitive of the Judoon

OMG! Such a good episode.

Lee Clayton

We only get a glimpse of Lee’s keyboard as he sends a fateful message…
Phone keyboard.

I’m 100% sure that’s a Samsung keyboard. The “swap to emoji” button on the top left gives it away. You can see the same layout on Samsung’s help pages.
A diagram of a keyboard.
But that’s all we see of it.

Ruth Clayton


The front of her phone tells us a few things.
Front of a phone in a pink case.
There’s a long grille for the speaker. A front-facing camera on our right, and lux sensors on our left.

And when Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor holds it up, we get a glimpse of the back.
Back of a phone.
Notable that there are two notches at the top. One is for headphones, and I think the other is an infrared blaster. The circular cut-out in the centre is for the camera.

That means this is the HTC One (2013). This is the first HTC to make an appearance in the show!


The Doctor: Find anything?
Ryan: A few cash-flow problems, a collection of old phones and keys.

Lots of old phones in a box.

Phwoar! What a collection of golden oldies. They’re not actually used in the episode, so I’m not going to list them all. My blog, my rules. Feel free to drop a comment if you’ve spotted an interesting one.


Jake Willis

We only get a glimpse of the astronaut’s husband’s phone.

Of more interest is the phone number used – you can read more about it on my Twitter thread.


Looks like Ryan is sporting a nifty new CommDot.
A dark blob behind Ryan's ear.

Sorry for the poor picture quality; it’s a very dark scene.

Judging by the markings, I assume it’s a Nokia KJ-74.

The team picked up some CommDots last year, but I think this is the upgraded model.

A medic from a previous episode wearing a bright blue CommDot behind his ear.

PLOT HOLE AHEAD if the gang can use these dots, why do they rely on phones in earlier – and subsequent – episodes?

And that’s it for this season. I do wonder whether the CommDot will resurface. They’re a handy plot device, but don’t allow the viewer to see what’s going on.


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