Relaunching @edent_solar. Part 3 - API & Code

I'm hooking my solar panels up to Twitter!

  1. Installation
  2. Inverter

Fronius provide a comprehensive API guide - I wish more companies did this. There are lots of unofficial libraries in a variety of different languages. I've written this code in Python3.

This is a general tidy-up of the code I wrote several years ago.

Here's how it works....

  • Every minute, the script runs from crontab.
  • If it is after sunrise and before sunset, it takes a reading and writes it to today's CSV file.
  • If it is after sunset, draw a graph, save it, Tweet it.
    • Only do this once.

This is in Python3 so should run on a Raspberry Pi - or any other computer.

If you are running this code on the same network as your Fronius, there is no security. The API lets you read data without a password.

You can get the latest code on GitHub.


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2 thoughts on “Relaunching @edent_solar. Part 3 - API & Code”

  1. AustinS says:

    Nice code and pics. 🙂

    I've just found this blog, via an item from 2013(!) mentioning the Solar iBoost. I've just got one of these. You talk in the other article about getting data out of the iBoost. Did you ever manage to do that? I've found nothing on the web. Thanks!

    1. says:

      Sadly, no. I couldn't get any data out of the iBoost. It does have a flashing light - so you could build something to measure it.


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