It is spelled "URl"

There are many sectarian divides in computer.

  • "Little-Endians" and "Big-Endians" wage bitter war against each other over the order of bits.
  • Should line in text files end with \r\n or just \n?
  • And both vi and emacs users fight betwixt themselves while ignoring the superior foe - nano.

Perhaps the most contentious of these is the battle between URI and URL. Should we refer to links on the web as Uniform Resource Identifiers or Locators? Obviously there is a correct answer - and anyone who disagrees is a heretic.

So, I've come up with a compromise guaranteed to annoy satisfy everyone - URl.

That's upper-case U, upper-case R, lower case L.


9 thoughts on “It is spelled "URl"

  1. (RIP IRI)

    fwiw a while back I tried out the idea of renaming 'URL' to be 'Universal Resource Linker' or similar, to merge the two concepts...

  2. didn't WHATWG basically define them as synonyms anyway, and a bunch of that got carried into the HTML5 spec?

    ISTR that W3C and IETF have in effect diverged on the definitions as a result…

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