Book Review - Touch by Claire North

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Touch - Claire North

A face in a shattered mirror.
Kepler is like you, but not like you. With a simple touch, Kepler can move into any body, live any life - for a moment, a day or for years. And your life could be next.

I thoroughly enjoy Claire North's writing. This was a perfect slice of sci-fi. Body-jumping, fast-talking, continent-hopping fun!

An ancient set of humans which can take over anyone's body. Leaping from life-to-life, putting things right that once went wrong, taking hedonistic pleasures and dealing with the perils of near immortality.

Sure, it's a little confusing - and would be impossible to film - but it keeps you guessing up to the very end. I'd have liked a little more exposition about the source of their powers - but other than that, it was perfect.

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