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First headline in the Daily Mail online reads "Medical student, 20, says foreign exchange trading will make him a millionaire by the time he is 21 as he poses with gold-wrapped £50,000 Maserati". The second headline, a few months later says "Insta-SCAM: 'Get rich quick' Instagram trader, 20, 'empties accounts of more than 1,000 investors in £3.5m fraud' - three days after UK medical student posed with Ferrari at Eiffel Tower"


These scams are really common. And pretty easy to pull off. Renting an expensive sports car for a day is relatively cheap. Drive it to some fancy locations, wear a couple of rented designer clothes, perhaps pay for a pretty model to pose as your girlfriend, take a load of photos and you can fool Instragram users into thinking you're rich and successful.

And then you tell people on social media that if they want your lifestyle, they just need to "invest" in...

And, if you're really lucky, you can con a major newspaper into running puff-pieces on your wealth. Which draws in more marks.

It's all lies.

Incidentally, the DVSA take absolutely no prisoners!
The government think the colour is bronze. Savage!

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