I disagree. Digital boards can show as much (and as little) and in fact they can show it in a lot more detail if you want them to. That should help you assess the situation in a much better way. On the contrary, the “physical shop” boards hide information and require people to maintain more than one board (nobody actually uses just the physical board). I’ve had countless discussions around this and I’ve never been presented with a decent enough argument that adequatelly portrays physical boards as the better choice. Again, the transparency argument is a fallacy.

From my experience post-its are usually a sign of something else – the “we’re agile” mentality. The problem is that it’s just that, a mentality. There’s not much “agile” going on and people that work this way usually just push down their vision of what agile is on everybody else. They have their interpretation of the agile values and defend it as religious belief, even when it’s clearly not working. They cannot fathom that just like a lot of things, you should question those principles and find out if they’re really working for you. It’s not because it’s written and a lot of people force it that it works for everyone, all the time.