I agree with the sentiment, but I'd fear anyone thinking that the alternative to Post-it® is to squirrel away into an hour long meeting sat round a screen while people dryly take turns to explain why lines on a Gantt chart are where they are to noone else listening.

The act of huddling round this self adhesive wallpaper is the rapid collaboration ceremony that inspires inclusion. The very act of scrawling a few notes on a piece of coloured paper and handing it to other members of your team is a way of taking joint accountability. As an agile coach introducing these concepts I deliberately ask members to hold the cards before positioning on the boards, or pass it between the team as they add acceptance criteria.

Yes it's wasteful.

But there are interesting magnetic alternatives for professionals. This approach almost guarantees their use because of the extra cost. That is at least until a screen solution fulfils the tactile bond between work items and the team members that are handling the stories.