I have a limited company, from which I now pay myself a modest PAYE income.
I've set this to the UK usual of monthly, although it could really be anytime. This is to sync with credit card bills etc. Monthly feels like a good cadence to me - I've always been careful with budgeting, and have everything set up via monthly Direct Debit that can be. This way, there is a good, regular pattern to the incomings and outgoings, and I can project a graph over time to see how things.
What I'm really not keen on is annual or quarterly bills - in theory I can project these just as easily, but it always comes as a nastier shock.
I pay car insurance annually upfront and wish I could pay monthly without increasing my premium, but even though I find it frustrating that even for government agency there is a premium, I pay my road tax monthly so it all just happens automatically and I can't accidentally lapse. I resent the small surcharge but pay it for peace of mind.
So for me, if everything could just converge on monthly, that would be super.
This month will be an interesting one as on the 1st my PAYE salary standing order goes from my business account to my personal account, both with the same back, and it will be playing Poohsticks with direct debits scheduled to come out on the 2nd – but all of which will actually transact on Monday 3rd! The bank couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say for sure what will happen there, even though there are 2 runs per day, and there is no excuse for them not to know how it will work in an age of millisecond transfers... Banks seem to expect us to accept obfuscations that date back to wood panelling and knowing your bank manager's name...