Yes, I'm like Andy - the majority of my income comes from invoices that my company submits to other companies, and it would be challenging to do that on a much more regular basis.

I do like the idea of my bills coming in on a daily basis, though; it would be easier to understand them in proportion.

"Today you spent £3 on electricity, £3 on gas, £1 on car insurance, £10 on health insurance, £10 on your pension..."


I guess a third-party aggregator could provide this for you as a service: you pay one daily bill to them and you get all the information about where it's going. They arrange that all the bills go to the right people at the right time. Mmm. I like that; I feel a startup coming on... 🙂

In the States, unless I'm much mistaken, a lot of people still seem to need manual intervention in their bill-paying; you do it by cheque each month, or by logging in and doing lots of bank transfers for the right amounts. Seems like a nightmare to me; I try to make sure everything is on direct debit. Am I right, or are things more automated in the US now?