Book Review: Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulu

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu The Adventure of the Deadly Dimensions - Lois H Gresh

Book cover with eldritch design.
A series of grisly murders rocks London. At each location, only a jumble of bones remains of the deceased, along with a bizarre sphere covered in strange symbols. The son of the latest victim seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes and his former partner, Dr. John Watson. They discover the common thread tying together the murders. Bizarre geometries, based on ancient schematics, enable otherworldly creatures to enter our dimension, seeking to wreak havoc and destruction.…

A thoroughly silly book. In a good way – mostly. I really enjoyed Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula which was published in the late 1970s. This cross-over was published in 2017 and follows the same basic formula. Take two of your favourite toys and make them fight.

It’s over-long, and there’s not really enough of a mystery for Holmes to solve. It lacks the claustrophobia and menace of Lovecraft’s tales. But, it delivers what it promises. A dark and bloody tale of monsters and the men who desire madness.

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