It would be like asking, what’s the best camera? is it a DSLR, mirrorless, phone camera, ENG, Red? The strengths of one camera/language conflict directly with the strengths of another language. You cannot have one programming language to rule them all.

Lets take for instance a little project I wrote recently, my daughter and I like to play Boggle, but not competatively against each other, so I wrote a python script to find every word possible in the current boggle board we were searching. The python program took 7 and a half minutes to run. I then wrote it in c/c++ (non oo c++) and it took 8 and a half seconds to run (with some optimisation I got that to 7 seconds) I tried swift and it took 4.5 minutes to run. And then Rust (45 seconds), so if speed was your only goal, why program in anything other than c/c++ ? Why did I write it in python first? Or what if making iOS applications was my goal?