No idea where you’d find a plugin but bear in mind that not all domains allow access to the IA crawler. I recall it being quite aggressive a few years back so blocked their crawlers. On big sites they’d take quite a bit of bandwidth for negligee return. No idea on the numbers either.

I do like the idea of grabbing the content of what you originally referenced though, especially if context is lost or irrelevant through missing page or revamped domain.

You might struggle to match up old IA content where crawling was sparse or a page doesn’t exist, especially if a spammer has control of the domain and of course not all new domain owners are spammers either. How are you going to decide if a page returning a 200 ( if it’s a link to root) is the original domain content or new content where no IA exists?

Would you have a list of bad words? Pr0n etc Would you check for a google cache? Would you parse the page title and see if the content ranks for the string?

All of those would potentially help indicate that the page is at least worthy in some regard or not and based upon the response you could make a decision to retain the link or push them to your custom gone page or other page created with the IA scrape.

Sounds fun either way.