Yes to most of this. Additionally:

My day-to-day contactless payments are mostly with my K-ring ( which is a few years old but still looks like magic when I use it and even in hipster coffee shops it gets a few cashiers boggle-eyed.
I also carry a single bank debit card in a slim leather card sleeve (with frequent-use loyalty cards) for the occasions when the K-Ring doesn't work and I restrict this card to holding up to £200 at any time.
I find that coffee shop apps (Neros and Coffee #1) are easy and reliable for payments and loyalty.
with K-Ring & that debit card & the apps I can keep all the small transactions off my main bank statement - decluttering. It also helps me keep track of how all those small daily payments are adding up.
There's a bit of work setting up some standing-orders and auto-top-ups and alerts but it all works pretty smoothly.
If I ran a small high street business I would of course have contactless but I understand that not everyone wants to do that and it's up to them if they prefer cash. My barber doesn't take contactless. Her main skills are hair-cutting and chatting and I'm not going to change barbers because of a payments issue. A man needs a reliable barber!
However, almost every day I carry cash and then don't use it - will try to be inspired by you, Terence.