A useful record - thanks!

I pay for almost everything using my watch now, and have done for quite a while. The supermarkets where I regularly spend more than 30 quid all have much higher contactless limits for payments made with Apple or Android; I think Waitrose told me it was £10,000! So much of my other shopping is on Amazon or similar that it’s rare for me to spend larger amounts elsewhere.

So, not only do I not need cash, on most days I don’t need a wallet, and have been known to go out of the house without it, something I would never have done in past decades. I did once find myself stuck needing to buy something for £60, but the shop was quite happy to split it across two separate contactless payments.

You have inspired me to start looking for a smaller wallet that just holds a few cards, rather than my old one which caters for great wadges of tenners...