The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who – Series 11

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Welcome back, friends! I’ve identified all of the mobile phones used in every episode of Doctor Who! This post looks at S11 – starring Jodie Whittaker – but feel free to rummage in the archives.

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

A great crop of phones for the inaugural episode – and some mysteries.

Ryan’s phone looks like a Samsung of some flavour, but it is hard to say. Grace has a modern iPad – probably a mini.
Ryan's Phone and iPad.

Ryan’s phone seen from behind doesn’t offer much more of a clue.
The Doctor holding Ryan's phone.

He does have a habit of answering it when it is clearly locked and not receiving a call!
Ryan's Phone Close Up.
That screen is typical of Samsungs.

Yaz is rocking an iPhone.
Yaz holding a phone.
Lots of iPhones have a similar camera configuration, but the only one with a silver ring around the lens is the 6+

Her boss at the police station also has an iPhone.
A police officer holding an iPhone.
Based on the cameras, it can only be a 7 plus or an 8 plus. The 8 comes in “space gray” rather than black, so I’m going with the 7+.

Grace has this odd device. Based on the grill at the bottom, I thought it might be an iPhone – but it appears to have a central camera. And iPhones typically have the speaker on the bottom right – this one is on the bottom left.
Grace's Phone.
The calling screen appears to have a row of icons – most un-iPhone like.


Technically, no phones. But The Doctor lets slip that she’s given Elvis a phone. Elvis has, of course, lent the phone to Frank Sinatra.

Graham poses as Steve Jobs…

We’re here to pitch an invention. It’s a telephone that plays music and it’s a camera also takes photos. And it’s a calendar. And it sends letters…

Arachnids in the UK

An Earth-bound episode, so lots of phone action.


Yaz holding a phone.
Still rocking the same iPhone from the first episode.


Yaz's sister.
An iPhone 7+ or 8+ judging by the camera layout.


Yaz's mum holding a phone.
The bottom connector and grilles show this to be the iPhone 5s. One of her daughter’s hand-me-ups, no doubt!

Frankie Ellish

A curious one this. The back looks completely flat, with very curvy corners.
A phone with cobwebs on it.
Not a clue what it is!

Jack Robertson

Our Trump-wannabe briefly holds this before losing it to the spiders.

A phone face down.

A dust covered phone.
I think it’s the same as Frankie’s. Obviously a corporate deal!

The Doctor!

Rare for The Doc to hold a phone!
The Doctor holding a phone.
The same model as Naji’s. Where did she get it from…?!


Mitch has a Samsung.
Mitch's phone.
There are hundreds of similar models. I’m pretty sure it’s a J2.

Lin also has a Samsung, but I can’t quite place it. Perhaps a J7?
Lin's phone.

Lovely to see the continuity department doing a bang-up job on the dates on the phones – all set to the 1st of January 2019.

First time seeing Graham using a phone:
Graham on an iPhone.
Just an iPhone.

The Doctor

Great shot of The Doc on Yaz’s phone:
The Doctor on the phone.

…and that’s it for this season. I can’t wait for the next one!


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