Review: The Force Awakens - live in concert

Long time readers will remember that I was lucky enough to see the premiere of The Force Awakens in London. So I was overjoyed to see that TodayTix had discount tickets for TFA live in concert at THE SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE!

It was the last day of our big Australian road-trip, and we'd sailed past the opera house so often that it was becoming a familiar friend.

Us outside the opera house.

Once we'd found our way to the correct entrance, we were greeted by fully costumed Stormtroopers, a Wookie, Imperial Officers - and this friendly little guy!

Us meeting R2-D2.

We paid AU$80 for a pair of tickets that would normally have cost AU$240 - and I think we got a pretty decent view.

A few things I noted about the show.

So. Many. Violins! I don't see many concerts - so I had no idea how vital the violin was to the overall sound. Yes, the blokes banging the big drum and smashing the cymbals are incredible, but it's all underpinned by the humble violin.

Music is so manipulative! When you can physically feel the music starting, you realise just how much of the heavy lifting it does to set the mood of the scene.

The mysteries of the orchestra are varied. During the interval, one violinist remained. I assume to practice?

A single violinist on an empty stage.

The second the main theme started I had tears running down my face. I was five again. I was playing with my toys. I was having a full-sonic daydream.

The only thing I can criticise is that the 20th Century Fox fanfare didn't play. I know they don't distribute it any more - but it just feels like something is missing.

The SOH is glorious from the outside. Inside, it's a bit of a concrete maze - like the Barbican. Shabby carpets and dated decor undermine the sense of occasion.

The film is still wonderful. It's funny, tense, exciting, and a bit bonkers. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra made every moment magical.

Finally, a huge shout out to TodayTix. Their app made the whole process of getting discount tickets incredibly easy.

What a wonderful end to our holiday.

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