New Year's Resolutions

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Post-birthday haze, it's time to set out my resolutions for the upcoming year.

Get better at empathy

I have a theoretical understanding that other people are humans, with their own complex lives and decisions. I'm not always good at putting that into practice.

Groups of people and abstract personae, I feel like I have a good handle on. Individuals, less so.

I don't want to be this:
"How To Fake Lile You Are Nice And Caring." A still from the film Magnolia.

But I want to get better at understanding people.

Healthier living

I know it's a cliché, but I have an exercise bike used as a clothes hanger. Our new house has space for a gym. So we've put in a bike and a weights bench. Time to actually use them. Regularly!

I've also discovered I'm low on vitamin D and iron. I've a prescription for D, and I'm licking iron shavings for the other.

I'm having a colonoscopy next week. FUN! All part of making sure this meatsack can keep my brain going.

52 Books

Last year I read 50 books. So a modest increase. Probably means less time farting about online. Last year half of the authors I read were women. I'm going to increase that this year to around two-thirds.

Re-read some older books

I usually hate re-reading things. I gorged myself on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so many times as a child, that it put me off re-exploring things I'd previously enjoyed.
But I want to have a go at some of the books I loved - and some I hated - to see if my tastes have evolved.

Be more social!

Part of our move to London was to enjoy a richer cultural life. I want to force myself to spend more time with friends, having new experiences, meeting new people, seeing shows and art and exhibitions.

It all sounds exhausting!

Personal Grooming

My beard is becoming a caricature of Holofernes.
A medieval drawing of a woman holding a sword. A bearded man's head is impaled on it.
While I doubt anyone is going to carve off my head, perhaps it is time I did something other than give it a cursory comb, or running over with an ancient set of clippers?


The wisdom of the crowd have spoken!

What else?

If you have a (polite) suggestion for how I can become a better me - please stick a comment in the box.

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