I bought the Ares mainly for note taking. There are a number of other pen input eink tablets, but the Ares touts it’s built in OCR (AI recognition as the call it). Unfortunately it’s note taking abilities are disappointing. Firstly, if you create a note with say, four or more pages, it has real problems saving them. It’s not uncommon for it to take 5 or more minutes to save a note – yes minutes, not seconds. It’s also inconsistent – sometimes taking an age to save even if no changes are made.
Secondly, the handwriting recognition is very limited. It comes up with a separate text page for the converted output, which can be edited, but those edits are not remembered. When you go back to the handwriting, the changes are not saved – it tries to recognise the text all over again, with the same mistakes. Even worse, you cannot see the original handwriting and the OCR’d text together, so even if it did remember your corrections, you can’t see what you originally wrote and hence have to guess at what you think you wrote.
Rather a shame as the tactile feel and response is great. But as a note taker – forget it.