Book Review – The Chemical Detective by Fiona Erskine

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Book cover, the silhouette of a woman skis away from a helicopter.

Dr Jaq Silver. Skier, scientist, international jet-setter, explosives expert. She blows things up to keep people safe.

Working on avalanche control in Slovenia, Jaq stumbles across a problem with a consignment of explosives. After raising a complaint with the supplier, a multinational chemical company, her evidence disappears and she is framed for murder. Jaq must find the key to the mystery.

But can she uncover the truth before her time runs out?

I didn’t get on with this book. It’s clearly well researched – the author herself being an chemist – but the dialogue veers off into Belinda Blinked territory at times.

It’s a Dan Brown-style action adventure, taking us all over the world from one unbelievable scenario to the next. Sex, bombs, cocktails, skiing, torture – it has all the ingredients of a fantastic action adventure novel. But it just didn’t spark anything with me.

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