I don’t know if Chrome devs realize they’re doing Fire and Motion to other engines: https://www.joelonsoftware.com/2002/01/06/fire-and-motion/

They relentlessly keep adding more stuff, and won’t pause and think for a second, because Native will eat the Web if they even blink.
Then they say everyone else who doesn’t keep up just sucks. No time for shitty browsers lagging behind!
And every new tag, every new API gives them points in HTML5 tests, Chrome-only demos, conference talks, and excuses to block other browsers from Google properties (you get YouTube plain-text version, because you don’t support the polyshadowtaghint API added last Wednesday!)

So Safari spending a lot of effort on privacy doesn’t count. Needs more WebDojo instead!

Edge’s internationalization and accessibility was for nothing. Not flashy enough for a conference!

Firefox re-engineering CSS on the GPU doesn’t count. Should have added FramePortals instead!