There appears to me to be something utterly new going on with [Message clipped] that no one is talking about yet because the 102K limit is already too intrusive, but now it appears that messages may be being clipped to a far tighter limit for senders that Google in its infinite wisdom has found wanting in some way. I am a long-time member of The latest message I have from them are clipped at 14K or thereabouts. Yes, seriously. Keep these points in mind:
– When I click show entire message, nothing new is revealed. It was showing it all to start with.
– When I “Show original” it’s all there on one page (I have a big monitor), complete with text and HTML versions, simple ages-old, selective formatting.
– When I “save original,”
the example I am referring to (which I’d be happy to supply) is saved as an .eml file that is 14,085 bytes long.

Is this something anyone knows anything about? The way [Message clipped] has been handled is really Google violating its “Do no evil” pledge and it’s getting worse instead of better.