Slighly off topic but thought this might make you smile. In late 80s and 90s had company selling PCs. Good business then. All this pre-windows. We had a particular word processor we really liked and sold many copies. One time a senior person from word processing software company stopped to visit becuase we were a big customer. He apologised for the problem they had with spell-checker. I said I was not aware of one. He said that they bought the spell check part of their software from an outside company. Apparently some of the engineers at this outside company put several "naughty" words in the word list. I said, well that should not be a problem unless the user was actually TRYING to enter that word. He said: yes, that is what they thought, however, these naughty words would pop up from time to time as alternative or suggested spellings. Use your imagination. Anyway, you can never win 100% of the time.
I just invested in latest W3W round. I'm waiting for my millions to appear.