Dude. While you make a decent objective case that (a) W3W isn't OS, (b) that Causes (List of Issues) which is (c) (normatively a Bad Thing, because (reasons) - you're also guilty of kitchen-sinking things with other -- very clearly personal-worldview-based judgments. (Crudely: your own politics.)

"This is a classic computer science problem. Every sufficiently long word list can eventually be recombined into a potentially offensive phrase."

No, damnit, this (offensiveness of word lists) is NOT a classic computer science problem - those are things like, oh, I dunno: sorting algorithm efficiency, compiler optimization, memory management, program correctness, graph traversal.... What you're identifying is a "political" problem. (Hell, W3W went and scrubbed their word lists of potentially offensive individual words. Plus potential homonyms - but wait! maybe "homonym" is offe...never mind.)

As to your examples of "potentially offensive": ///weepy.lulls.emerge and ///grouchy.hormone.elevating -- at Auschwitz -- if those are the BEST examples you could find, of "potentially offensive" ///'s (at what smacks of being chosen as the very quintessence of a Loaded Location) - I mean ... oh, c'mon, REALLY? What're those...anti-semitic? "Insensitive"/"disrespectful"? What, someone's going to think "How DARE you utter the very WORDS "grouchy" or "weepy" at AUSCHWITZ, you supremacist, you!" What on EARTH (yep) is insensitive, offensive, or non-PC about a 'phrase' (randomly generated) that through spectacular leaps of biased/deliberate semantic contortion one MIGHT construe as "making a statement", and an offensive one at that?

This ain't good semiotics -- or philosophy, psychology, anthropology, or sociology -- and it certainly ain't computer science. What this IS, is an axe being ground, speciously if not outright meretriciously, and again, just kitchen-sinking to round out a personally-held crusade. (While I'm on the analogies: Maslow's law of the instrument: "when you have a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail".)