Looking at this app, it sounds like a good idea for PERSONAL use. However, my experience with emergency services is that most all now will triangulate your position with cell towers or data from your phone automatically…they ask for your location to eliminate the possibility of errors (before cell phone tracking, E911 only knew what the database said…it didn’t guarantee accuracy of where the call originated or where help was needed).

So, is this service free to emergency service providers? Does it give a location you could put into Google and get the map location for free? If not, it’s not adding value above what modern smart phones already offer. Heck, on my last trip, I learned how to update family on my current position on demand. Yeah, they would need to access my iCloud account to track me in real time, but that level of tracking wasn’t necessary. If I really needed real time tracking, I’d pay for it…probably through something not tied to my phone.