Many many elderly people have smartphones. But i agree that they may not be au fait with all the tech.
BOTH Android and Apple smartphone OS's have built in to them excellent systems that allow user to very easily contact emergency services if user is in need. I wont go into detail - Google it.
Granted, elderly users may not be able to set this up (it only needs to be set up once) but I'm sure they know somone who could do it for them.
W3W, with their world class PR team, are realy pushing the "used by emergency services" idea. Every time i read an article about this I send an email to publication saying I think they are doing their readers a disservice by NOT telling readers about the built in "call emergency services" in Android and Apple smartphones.
I have NEVER had a response to any of my emails. Even from what I consider reputable organizations such as the BBC. Sad, really sad.
Whenever I see an article about W3W and emergency services, you can see that this is a "canned" press release essentially written by W3W. They certainly do have a very powerful PR team.
BTW, I took a look at last year financials for W3W. Income, about UK Pds 500K. Profit/loss: LOSS of about UK Pds 15 million. It have been like this for the past few years. But they still get new money invested. They are great at that.