I was threatened by their legal firm for helping to distribute the old What Free Words single JavaScript file in the name of research: https://twitter.com/AaronToponce/status/1387933438305394690

When Cybergibbons started his research into what3words, I realized that I have the technical chops to help him out. Because I already had a copy of the What Free Words JavaScript library, I started working on locations that used compound words. Things like ///greased.tooth.brushwork near Delta, Utah and ///greased.toothbrush.work near Eureka, Nevada, separated by just a bit over 200 miles.

My intent in distributing the What Free Words JavaScript file was not to bring harm to what3words, nor to encourage competition. Instead, it was to assist Cybergibbons by hopefully assembling a distributed team of researchers, looking into things like compound words, homonyms, translation errors, etc. The end goal, I think, was to encourage what3words to improve the product, thus increasing safety for its users. I'm still interested in that end goal.