Hi, with respect I do not agree in your conclusion. As I said in my other post... "(iv) I do not care – nor should anyone in my view – about the precise words; they are in a different context here – they are not being used as words in prose nor poetry; they are used as words simply to easily codify a location – perceived inappropriate words are not inappropriate because they are not intended as contextural writing, just that code." In t'other words, this W3W designation in (in no way) intended to compete - much less, replace - a placename. It is merely an easy-to-convey code to locate somewhere. For example (and this is just made-up, not a real code nor place) I would not say meet me at "Tired.Shelter.Mongoose" - well, I could to a close friend but I would say something like "Meet me at Vyne Wood... car park at Tired.Shelter.Mongoose" etc. Vyne Wood remains the name of the woodland - if planners bulldoze it and put an airport there Tired.Shelter.Mongoose now represents somewhere in that airport but precisely the same place on the globe. Therefore, it does relate to geography: the geography of our planet - as opposed to whatever is there this week, year, century etc. Hence, this is just a grid-reference made accurate and easy, that's all - but it is (at least for me) a big deal. Cheers.