Hi Mr Machin, I agree with you.

This is, however a good discussion and I do take the many points made by the original poster (Terence Eden - thanks Mr Eden for your blog). But... (i) There is nowt to stop countries which do not speak English as a first language or prefer a different system from developing one. (ii) Open-source products are fine in theory but capitalist economies cannot be run on open-source all the time (should I expect Tesco to give me the goods? or, indeed, anyone to work for free? If people wish to do that, fine but it is not economically sustainable). (iii) I loathe numbers - I find them really difficult. I fully accept the accuracy and flexibility arguments but I never used latitude / longitude to determine where to meet people for a walk (too confusing for my innumerate brain); I do use W3W. (iv) I do not care - nor should anyone in my view - about the precise words; they are in a different context here - they are not being used as words in prose nor poetry; they are used as words simply to easily codify a location - perceived inappropriate words are not inappropriate because they are not intended as contextural writing, just that code. (v) I have actually told the Ambulance service where to find a lady who needed assistance using W3W - it was quick and easy (and accurate). So I fully accept the pure arguments against but this product is fab because it makes like so much easier. All the best all.