Regarding the emergency services, any system is only as good as the person at the other end. Here is an extract from a genuine emergency call:
– We have a problem out on the moor. We may need mountain rescue.
– We can send a helicopter.
– No, that’s probably not necessary I just need to speak to Dartmoor Mountain Rescue in case the problem turns out to be serious. They are based in your police station at Okehampton.
– We’ll send a helicopter. What road are you on?
– I’m in the middle of Dartmoor. There are no roads nearby. I can give you a grid reference.
– No, just tell me what road you’re on.
OK that was some years ago and technology is miles better, but it still needs someone at the other end who knows what they are doing. (In the end I described the route the copter should take. It got there ten minutes after my Land Rover. And no, it wasn’t actually needed in the end.)