Lazy Sunday morning reading all of these comments about W3W and yes some are valid, some are technical limitations, but what I find most interesting of all is a) the resistance to financial cost and b) Its proprietary.

The databases that hold our ID numbers, drivers licence details, criminal records, health records etc etc etc are all built on commercially billable software (Oracle / SAP etc) – Whoud your govt not pay their licence fees, access is revoked – Classic case in South Africa where the Crime database licence fee wasn’t paid and “Audit trailes” could not be guaranteed.

You forget, many systems we use are proprietary in some way or another – The excel licence where you store your GPS locations, the Android licence that runs google maps (worked into your phone purchase price), the GPS satellites and downlinks are owned by countries, not small companies – these can be switched off, limited and manipulated at their will (GPS aurally).

W3W has made the non human nature lat/lon into rememberable words, easy for all ages to remember and Siri or Alexa to decode. Yes it does have limitations in some cases. Very little ever solves all the applications.

It may not work for pinpoint GIS, military grade applications, but it DOES work for high density, informal and rural population distribution. It may need bit of polish, but can you discount it so quickly?