This is the worst idea ever… especially as they can change the words at any point 🙂
Bottom line is they pitch it as universal solution for people to locate them in case of emergency – that’s their product USP….
There’s a problem though, more than one…
– It doesn’t work off-line (map doesn’t load, can’t select square) – get a normal map or description and accept you wasted precious time
– is proprietary and paid for – so you/emergency services become “a hostage” of the company providing the service (just wait till someone gives 3 words to emergency services and they can’t send help because they can’t resolve it) – unless it’s free to emergency services
– it’s trying to solve a problem that sure does exist, but hey… in UK at least all emergency services can use grid locator system and this is precise enough and already widely adopted, so… ¯_(ツ)_/¯