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Like all true geeks, my laptop is a smörgåsbord of stickers dedicated to openness. And, like all true geeks, I have loads of t-shirts that advertise failed start-ups, trendy apps, and unconferences.

Why not combine the two?

A t-shirt with the slogan "Make things open it makes things better."

A baseball cap with the "Users First" slogan.

The New National Health Service.

(Thanks to Matt Edgar for the NHS artwork.)

Minimem Viable Bureaucracy.

(Thanks to Jukesie for his MVB design.)

You can buy them from the GovGeeks SpreadShirt store. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours.

A few things to note:

  1. I don't get paid for this. I've turned off the commission function of SpreadShirt, so each sale nets me £0.00. I did think about collecting the money and giving it to charity, but that gets complex.
  2. The store has 15% off for a couple of weeks.
  3. If you want more designs, let me know. I'm happy to upload sensible stuff to the store, assuming it is freely licensed.
  4. Please do remix them.
  5. All the artwork is available in vector format at

Finally, if you buy one and wear it to an important meeting - please take a selfie and tag me 😆

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