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I don't run adverts on this blog. The most I do is the occasional Amazon Affiliate link when I'm reviewing some tech.

I'm happy with that. The site doesn't cost me much to run, and I'm lucky enough that it increases my reputation and online goodwill.

But I've been thinking recently about ways to make a more material gain from my blogging, tweeting, StackOverflowing, and GitHubbing.

So, here are your options!

Giving To Charity

I've started a fundraising page with the Charities Trust to support the hodge-podge of good causes I regularly give to.

I'm not running a marathon, or doing a sponsored swim, or sitting in a bathtub of old beans. But if this blog has helped you - or you've found my code useful - I'd love it if you could make a donation.

If you're in the UK, you can use Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation. Yay for tax efficiency!

I'm raising money for:

  • Oxford Food Bank - because I don't want people in my community to go hungry.
  • Shelter - because everyone deserve a decent place to live, and help when things go wrong.
  • CALM Campaign Against Living Miserably - having lost a mate to suicide, I want to ensure blokes know they can always find help.
  • UK Citizens Online Democracy - mySociety runs a vital set of projects improving access to democracy.
  • Refuge - to support women and children who are suffering the effects of domestic abuse.

But I love you!


You can buy me a present from my Amazon wishlist. It's mostly Doctor Who DVDs, vegetarian nibbles, and weird bits of tech. There are ridiculous expensive things on there as well in case any crazy-rich people feel like perking me up.

I've also started experimenting with Ko-Fi - it's sort of like an UK version of Patreon. Not sure how I feel about it - but you can buy me a slice of cheese using it.

Share and enjoy

What I really love is when you leave a comment or share my blog posts on social media. So please do that if you can.


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