Extracting your data from Untappd

I rate every pint I taste using the Untappd app. Think of it like TripAdvisor for lager, stout, cider, bitter, and all manner of other beery goodness. Seriously, I've reviewed over 600 different drinks

Recently, I decided to see if I could self-host my beer check-ins. The first step - extracting my own data from Untappd.

Pay To Play

If you become an Untappd Supporter for US$5 per month, you can extract your data in CSV or JSON. I feel like I ought to be able to GDPR that and get it for free but, hey, a couple of quid doesn't seem like a bad way to support an app.

Here's a brief extract:

"Devon Mist (Cloudy Sparkling Cider)","Sandford Orchards","Cider - Other",4.5,0,"Inoffensive. Found in Aldi.",,,,,,,2.5,"2018-09-29 18:14:59",https://untappd.com/c/657661791,https://untappd.com/beer/163090,https://untappd.com/brewery/14080,England,Crediton,Devon,,,Bottle,657661791,163090,14080,https://untappd.s3.amazonaws.com/photo/2018_09_29/46269e6ba9db8ebc6c66efeddc28edd9_c_657661791_raw.jpeg
"Älska Passion Fruit Apple Cider","Swedish Cider Company ","Cider - Other Fruit",4,0,"Basically an alcopop. Bit sticky.",,,,,,,2,"2018-10-01 19:33:33",https://untappd.com/c/658763031,https://untappd.com/beer/2023147,https://untappd.com/brewery/107942,Sweden,Karlstad,,,,Bottle,658763031,2023147,107942,https://untappd.s3.amazonaws.com/photo/2018_10_01/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_raw.jpeg
"War Horse","White Horse Brewery","Extra Special / Strong Bitter",4.9,0,"Gorgeous and light. Summery delicious.","Oxford Playhouse",Oxford,Oxfordshire,"United Kingdom",51.755,-1.26088,4,"2018-10-05 16:51:58",https://untappd.com/c/659797322,https://untappd.com/beer/240251,https://untappd.com/brewery/2678,England,Stanford-in-the-Vale,Oxfordshire,,,,659797322,240251,2678,

Fun fact, the data export didn't originally give a photo URL. So I asked nicely and now it is included for everyone!

But that's not all the data they hold about the check-in.


Untappd has a brilliant API which returns much more detail than the CSV export. And you don't even have to pay to use it.

Take a look at this check-in:

"checkin_id": 658763031,
"created_at": "Mon, 01 Oct 2018 18:33:33 +0000",
"checkin_comment": "Basically an alcopop. Bit sticky.",
"rating_score": 2,
"user": {
   "uid": 46296,
   "user_name": "edent",
   "first_name": "Terence",
   "last_name": "E.",
   "location": "UK",
   "is_supporter": 1,
   "url": "https:\/\/shkspr.mobi\/blog",
   "bio": "Long haired geek.",
   "relationship": null,
   "user_avatar": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/profile\/5d928465e29fec4375a2990ca2767852_thumb.jpg",
   "is_private": 0,
   "contact": {
      "twitter": "edent",
      "foursquare": "56367",
      "facebook": "609836217"
"beer": {
   "bid": 2023147,
   "beer_name": "Älska Passion Fruit Apple Cider",
   "beer_label": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/site\/assets\/images\/temp\/badge-beer-default.png",
   "beer_style": "Cider - Other Fruit",
   "beer_slug": "swedish-cider-company-alska-passion-fruit-apple-cider",
   "beer_abv": 4,
   "beer_active": 1,
   "has_had": false
"brewery": {
   "brewery_id": 107942,
   "brewery_name": "Swedish Cider Company ",
   "brewery_slug": "swedish-cider-company",
   "brewery_page_url": "\/w\/swedish-cider-company\/107942",
   "brewery_type": "Cidery",
   "brewery_label": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/site\/brewery_logos\/brewery-107942_ca21d.jpeg",
   "country_name": "Sweden",
   "contact": {
      "twitter": "",
      "facebook": "",
      "instagram": "",
      "url": "http:\/\/www.alskacider.com"
   "location": {
      "brewery_city": "Karlstad",
      "brewery_state": "",
      "lat": 59.4109,
      "lng": 13.4854
   "brewery_active": 1
"venue": [],
"comments": {
   "total_count": 0,
   "count": 0,
   "items": []
"toasts": {
   "total_count": 0,
   "count": 0,
   "auth_toast": false,
   "items": []
"media": {
   "count": 1,
   "items": [{
      "photo_id": 195061947,
      "photo": {
         "photo_img_sm": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_200x200.jpeg",
         "photo_img_md": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_640x640.jpeg",
         "photo_img_lg": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_1280x1280.jpeg",
         "photo_img_og": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_raw.jpeg"
"source": {
   "app_name": "Untappd for iPhone - (V2)",
   "app_website": "http:\/\/untpd.it\/iphoneapp"
"badges": {
   "retro_status": false,
   "count": 1,
   "items": [{
      "badge_id": 2980,
      "user_badge_id": 401989193,
      "badge_name": "Johnny Appleseed  (Level 34)",
      "badge_description": "Grab a pot and put it on your head because you're a modern day Johnny Appleseed. That's 170 different ciders. Try 5 more to unlock Level 35.",
      "created_at": "Mon, 01 Oct 2018 18:33:33 +0000",
      "badge_image": {
         "sm": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/badges\/bdg_appleseed_sm.jpg",
         "md": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/badges\/bdg_appleseed_md.jpg",
         "lg": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/badges\/bdg_appleseed_lg.jpg"

Badges! Beer labels! Locations! Venues! Images! Data!

By default, the API only returns 25 check-ins per request. But it does come with a pagination option:

"pagination": {
   "since_url": "https:\/\/api.untappd.com\/v4\/user\/checkins\/edent?min_id=659797322",
   "next_url": "https:\/\/api.untappd.com\/v4\/user\/checkins\/edent?max_id=602463014",
   "max_id": 602463014

Python Power!

Here's a quick script which will download all your beer-data and create a single JSON file to use.
You will need to register an API key and generate your own access token.

import json
import requests

username     = "abc"
client_id    = "123"
client_secret= "456"
access_token = "789"

user = requests.get("https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/info/"+username+"?client_id="+client_id+"&client_secret="+client_secret)
user_data = user.json()
total_checkins = user_data["response"]["user"]["stats"]["total_checkins"]

print("Total Checkins = " + str(total_checkins))

checkins = requests.get("https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/checkins/?access_token="+access_token)
checkins_data = checkins.json()
full_data = checkins_data["response"]["checkins"]["items"]

while (len(full_data) < total_checkins):
    max_id   = checkins_data["response"]["pagination"]["max_id"]
    next_url = "https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/checkins/?max_id=" + str(max_id) + "&access_token="+access_token
    print("Downloading " + next_url)
    checkins = requests.get(next_url)
    checkins_data = checkins.json()


with open("untappd_data.json", "w") as f:
    json.dump(full_data, f)

That will save a file with all your data. Happy drinking!

5 thoughts on “Extracting your data from Untappd

  1. Useful, thank you. Do you have (or can you suggest) a primer on how to run such a script, for those of us who are more used to Windows applications?

  2. Rick Engle says:

    Hi Terrance, speaking of Windows, here is a handy way to get checkin data using PowerShell. This uses the API endpoint: Endpoint: /v4/user/checkins/USERNAME

    Invoke-RestMethod -Method GET -Uri "https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/checkins/myuserid?access_token=myuntappdaccesstoken" | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 20 | Tee-Object -FilePath "myuserid_User_checkins.json"

    That's does not enumerate all of the checkin data but at least gets the first 25 if looking for a quick way to grab sample JSON for an API when working on an app.

    It would be fun if you were able to explore the Untappd private APIs used by the Untappd app similar to what you did opening up the Remote app for the BMW i3. There are some much more powerful searches under the covers!

  3. Mike says:

    How about IFTTT to drop each check in, as they happen, into a google doc? I have no idea how this stuff works, but use IFTTT for compiling other data. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who would want this 🙂

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