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I rate every pint I taste using the Untappd app. Think of it like TripAdvisor for lager, stout, cider, bitter, and all manner of other beery goodness. Seriously, I've reviewed over 600 different drinks

Recently, I decided to see if I could self-host my beer check-ins. The first step - extracting my own data from Untappd.

Pay To Play

If you become an Untappd Supporter for US$5 per month, you can extract your data in CSV or JSON. I feel like I ought to be able to GDPR that and get it for free but, hey, a couple of quid doesn't seem like a bad way to support an app.

Here's a brief extract:

"Devon Mist (Cloudy Sparkling Cider)","Sandford Orchards","Cider - Other",4.5,0,"Inoffensive. Found in Aldi.",,,,,,,2.5,"2018-09-29 18:14:59",https://untappd.com/c/657661791,https://untappd.com/beer/163090,https://untappd.com/brewery/14080,England,Crediton,Devon,,,Bottle,657661791,163090,14080,https://untappd.s3.amazonaws.com/photo/2018_09_29/46269e6ba9db8ebc6c66efeddc28edd9_c_657661791_raw.jpeg
"Älska Passion Fruit Apple Cider","Swedish Cider Company ","Cider - Other Fruit",4,0,"Basically an alcopop. Bit sticky.",,,,,,,2,"2018-10-01 19:33:33",https://untappd.com/c/658763031,https://untappd.com/beer/2023147,https://untappd.com/brewery/107942,Sweden,Karlstad,,,,Bottle,658763031,2023147,107942,https://untappd.s3.amazonaws.com/photo/2018_10_01/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_raw.jpeg
"War Horse","White Horse Brewery","Extra Special / Strong Bitter",4.9,0,"Gorgeous and light. Summery delicious.","Oxford Playhouse",Oxford,Oxfordshire,"United Kingdom",51.755,-1.26088,4,"2018-10-05 16:51:58",https://untappd.com/c/659797322,https://untappd.com/beer/240251,https://untappd.com/brewery/2678,England,Stanford-in-the-Vale,Oxfordshire,,,,659797322,240251,2678,

Fun fact, the data export didn't originally give a photo URL. So I asked nicely and now it is included for everyone!

But that's not all the data they hold about the check-in.


Untappd has a brilliant API which returns much more detail than the CSV export. And you don't even have to pay to use it.

Take a look at this check-in:

"checkin_id": 658763031,
"created_at": "Mon, 01 Oct 2018 18:33:33 +0000",
"checkin_comment": "Basically an alcopop. Bit sticky.",
"rating_score": 2,
"user": {
   "uid": 46296,
   "user_name": "edent",
   "first_name": "Terence",
   "last_name": "E.",
   "location": "UK",
   "is_supporter": 1,
   "url": "https:\/\/shkspr.mobi\/blog",
   "bio": "Long haired geek.",
   "relationship": null,
   "user_avatar": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/profile\/5d928465e29fec4375a2990ca2767852_thumb.jpg",
   "is_private": 0,
   "contact": {
      "twitter": "edent",
      "foursquare": "56367",
      "facebook": "609836217"
"beer": {
   "bid": 2023147,
   "beer_name": "Älska Passion Fruit Apple Cider",
   "beer_label": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/site\/assets\/images\/temp\/badge-beer-default.png",
   "beer_style": "Cider - Other Fruit",
   "beer_slug": "swedish-cider-company-alska-passion-fruit-apple-cider",
   "beer_abv": 4,
   "beer_active": 1,
   "has_had": false
"brewery": {
   "brewery_id": 107942,
   "brewery_name": "Swedish Cider Company ",
   "brewery_slug": "swedish-cider-company",
   "brewery_page_url": "\/w\/swedish-cider-company\/107942",
   "brewery_type": "Cidery",
   "brewery_label": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/site\/brewery_logos\/brewery-107942_ca21d.jpeg",
   "country_name": "Sweden",
   "contact": {
      "twitter": "",
      "facebook": "",
      "instagram": "",
      "url": "http:\/\/www.alskacider.com"
   "location": {
      "brewery_city": "Karlstad",
      "brewery_state": "",
      "lat": 59.4109,
      "lng": 13.4854
   "brewery_active": 1
"venue": [],
"comments": {
   "total_count": 0,
   "count": 0,
   "items": []
"toasts": {
   "total_count": 0,
   "count": 0,
   "auth_toast": false,
   "items": []
"media": {
   "count": 1,
   "items": [{
      "photo_id": 195061947,
      "photo": {
         "photo_img_sm": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_200x200.jpeg",
         "photo_img_md": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_640x640.jpeg",
         "photo_img_lg": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_1280x1280.jpeg",
         "photo_img_og": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/photo\/2018_10_01\/1a193187913f2429c325c44fe3537b35_c_658763031_raw.jpeg"
"source": {
   "app_name": "Untappd for iPhone - (V2)",
   "app_website": "http:\/\/untpd.it\/iphoneapp"
"badges": {
   "retro_status": false,
   "count": 1,
   "items": [{
      "badge_id": 2980,
      "user_badge_id": 401989193,
      "badge_name": "Johnny Appleseed  (Level 34)",
      "badge_description": "Grab a pot and put it on your head because you're a modern day Johnny Appleseed. That's 170 different ciders. Try 5 more to unlock Level 35.",
      "created_at": "Mon, 01 Oct 2018 18:33:33 +0000",
      "badge_image": {
         "sm": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/badges\/bdg_appleseed_sm.jpg",
         "md": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/badges\/bdg_appleseed_md.jpg",
         "lg": "https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/badges\/bdg_appleseed_lg.jpg"

Badges! Beer labels! Locations! Venues! Images! Data!

By default, the API only returns 25 check-ins per request. But it does come with a pagination option:

"pagination": {
   "since_url": "https:\/\/api.untappd.com\/v4\/user\/checkins\/edent?min_id=659797322",
   "next_url": "https:\/\/api.untappd.com\/v4\/user\/checkins\/edent?max_id=602463014",
   "max_id": 602463014

Python Power!

Here's a quick script which will download all your beer-data and create a single JSON file to use.
You will need to register an API key and generate your own access token.

import json
import requests

username     = "abc"
client_id    = "123"
client_secret= "456"
access_token = "789"

user = requests.get("https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/info/"+username+"?client_id="+client_id+"&client_secret="+client_secret)
user_data = user.json()
total_checkins = user_data["response"]["user"]["stats"]["total_checkins"]

print("Total Checkins = " + str(total_checkins))

checkins = requests.get("https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/checkins/?access_token="+access_token)
checkins_data = checkins.json()
full_data = checkins_data["response"]["checkins"]["items"]

while (len(full_data) < total_checkins):
    max_id   = checkins_data["response"]["pagination"]["max_id"]
    next_url = "https://api.untappd.com/v4/user/checkins/?max_id=" + str(max_id) + "&access_token="+access_token
    print("Downloading " + next_url)
    checkins = requests.get(next_url)
    checkins_data = checkins.json()


with open("untappd_data.json", "w") as f:
    json.dump(full_data, f)

That will save a file with all your data. Happy drinking!

2 thoughts on “Extracting your data from Untappd

  1. Useful, thank you. Do you have (or can you suggest) a primer on how to run such a script, for those of us who are more used to Windows applications?

    1. @edent says:

      I don't have Windows - but this might help:

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