The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who - Series 8

To celebrate the upcoming series Doctor Who staring Jodie Whittaker, I'm attempting to chronicle all the mobile phones used in previous shows.

If you think you've spotted something that's not listed here, or think I've made a mistake, drop it in the comments.

You can follow along with all 10 series.

Bye bye Matt Smith, hello Peter Capaldi.

Deep Breath

Clara is a bit unsure about this more aged incarnation of her favourite Time Lord. Until, that is, she receives an emotional phone call from an old friend.

There's only a few tantalising glimpses to go on. A curvy number with a camera centred in the back plate, and an offset grille to the left. In one shot it looks almost like it might be a slider, but from a different angle it looks like a chunky candy bar.

I'm a bit stumped. The front looks like it might be Windows Phone, but that's about all I can tell.

Kill the Moon - Clara

Spoiler alert - the moon is an egg!
Spoiler alert part two - Clara's got a brand new phone in this episode.

It's a similar shape to a chunky iPhone, but look at that central camera. Clearly something different. Also no front facing camera. I think it could be a Samsung, but without a closer look, it's impossible to say. How frustrating!

Kill the Moon - Courtney

This one is much easier. Teenage tearaway Courtney gets a trip on the Tardis, and immediately starts posting to tumblr on her...

iPhone 4. Easy!

Mummy on the Orient Express

OMG! This is Clara's third phone in one series. Are we supposed to believe she can afford all these high end handsets on a teacher's salary? How unrealistic can this show get?

But let's take a look at the front of the phone. Here's a fun continuity error. When Clara "answers" the phone, we can clearly see the calling screen is just an image in the Android gallery.

This is fairly obviously the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.

In the Forest of the Night

Moppets with phones! Too many to count, and we never get a good look at theirs or their parents'.

I reckon the blue one is another iPhone though.

Last Christmas

The gobby elf shows off his selfie with the North Pole.

Bit blurry but clearly a Samsung. We're getting to the era where all fondleslabs start to look identical. Black rectangles everywhere. Hang on, isn't that the plot of 2001?

It is, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus.

Lots of planets have a Scotland

A pretty good clutch of devices this series - what will next year bring?
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