The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who - Series 10

To celebrate the upcoming series Doctor Who staring Jodie Whittaker, I'm attempting to chronicle all the mobile phones used in previous shows.

If you think you've spotted something that's not listed here, or think I've made a mistake, drop it in the comments.

You can follow along with all 10 series.

Here we are at the close of the Capaldi years. This series aired in 2017, so we are very nearly up to date. What exciting new phones are in store for us? Let's dive straight in.

The Pilot - Moira

Bill's foster Mum is off barhopping with a nogoodnik called Neville and she borrows his phone to call Bill.

Moira holding phone.

A lighting port and headphone jack on the bottom - it can only be the iPhone 5.

Headcannon - Bill's foster Mum is actually another immortal and will eventually live on New15 York married to a cat, which is nice.
Headcannon part 2 - Given their divergent biology, did she also foster the litter of kittens?

The Pilot - Bill

In the same phone call we glance at Bill's phone.
Bill holding phone.

Smile - Bill

Deep inside an alien spaceship Bill snaps a photo of a map.
Bill taking a photo.

Now this is curious! Take a look at the onscreen buttons. They look Android-y. Now take a look at the photo. It doesn't quite match the picture of the map being photographed. To my eye, it looks like someone has taken a screenshot of an iPhone taking a photo which has then been opened as an image on an Android phone.

Thin Ice - Bill

Bill looks at the web for the all important post travel to the past check of whether or not the future has changed.

An android phone.

Well, this is clearly an Android phone, but for now no further details to help narrow it down.

The Pyramid at the End of the World - Bill

Finally, some good news for phone finding fans! As the doomsday clock moves ever closer to midnight we get a lovely clear view of the top of Bill's phone.

Top of Sony phone.

For once the prop team haven't bothered with the logo-blocking sticky tape. Slackers!

With this clue, we can deduce Bill is packing the Sony Z5 Compact.

That's a wrap!

Thank you so much for following along with this daft series of blog posts - and a huge thank you to my brilliant wife for helping out with this venture.

Over the last two-dozen posts, we've gone from crappy feature-phones to the very latest gadgets. Daleks vs Cybermen? Pah! Give me Android vs Symbian any day.

If you'd like to catch on up previous series, you can follow along at

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