The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who – Classic Who!

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Oh ho! You thought we’d finished with the mobile phones of Doctor Who series? We’ve done all of New Who – but what about Classic Who?

I wasn’t able to find any episodes of Who where the Doctor uses a mobile – but I found the next best thing… adverts!

Jon Pertwee

New Zealand Telecom

In 1985, Jon Pertwee was the face of New Zealand Telecom. In a series of adverts he explains fibre optics, multi-room phones, and mobiles!

Blimey! They don’t make them like that any more! What is that phone?
A carphone.

I think it’s an Alpine 95000 carphone – see this advert – but I’d welcome your suggestions.

Fun fact, these commercials were so expensive that questions were asked in the NZ Parliament and – apparently – were never broadcast!

Vodafone UK

In his last appearance before his death, Pertwee plays a doctor in this X-Files inspired advert.

Let’s take a closer look:
An old phone laying on a table.

Hard to see, but the phone buttons aren’t circular – the there’s an offset top button. I think this is the Motorola 6200.

Tom Baker

In the 1980s, The Doctor and Romana appears in a series of adverts for Prime Computers. Sadly, they don’t feature any phones.

BT Cellnet

But there’s a phone in this advert.

I’m instantly reminded of Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris!
Tom Baker holding an old phone.
The 9 function buttons at the bottom – the top right of which is red – leads us to the Motorola DynaTAC range – possiblly the 8000 or the 8900X.

Who’s next?

Well, I think that just about wraps it up for this series of very silly blog posts! Thank you for following along – and if you spot any that you think I’ve missed, drop me a comment.

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