The Mobile Phones of Doctor Who – Series 1

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To celebrate the upcoming series Doctor Who staring Jodie Whittaker, I’m attempting to chronicle all the mobile phones used in previous shows.

If you think you’ve spotted something that’s not listed here, or think I’ve made a mistake, drop it in the comments.

You can follow along with all 10 series.


From the start of “New Who” mobile phones are integral to the plot. Rose Tyler has the ultra zeitgeisty Nokia 3200.

Rose holding a 3200.

With its distinctive double-button design and gorgeous holographic fascia, there’s no mistaking this device. There are some close-ups in The End of The World

Quite why she’s editing her mum’s contact is left as an exercise for the reader.

Here’s a clearer view in World War Three:

Nokia 3200 with a photo of a Slitheen displaying.

That was easy! The rest are slightly more tricky.

Jackie Tyler – Rose

Rose’s mum is briefly seen using a silver flip phone.
Woman holding flip phone.
Judging by the chassis and the indentation on the front, I’d guess a Motorola V171 or similar. If I’ve got it wrong – please enlighten me.

Mickey – World War 3

Poor old Ricky. While his girlfriend is off saving the cosmos, he’s stuck in a garage. In Aliens of London, he seems to have a fairly dull Nokia.

Mickey Smith with a Nokia Phone.

This was the era of Nokia producing hundreds of subtlety different phones. I’m going to take a punt and say it’s the Nokia 6610 – based on the bulge at the top and the button placement.

Which is interesting because, as you can see from the screen cap, it does not have a camera! How did he take a photo? Boy, I really hope someone got fired for that blunder!

We get a closer view in Boom Town:

Side view of Mickey's blue phone.

That stripe down the side is characteristic of the 6610.

Dissention in the ranks! Some people think I’ve unfairly maligned the props team.

The 7250 does have a stripe down the side and has a camera.

Groom’s Father – Father’s Day

Ah! Father’s Day – a beautiful episode. But what’s this large plastic lump being held by Frank Rozelaar-Green?

Men holding a large, old phone.

Bit tricky to tell, but based on the size, round numberpad keys, the two rows of function keys underneath, I think it is an NEC 9A.

Big old phone.

That would have cost £1,800 in the 1980s. That’s £5,000 in today’s money!

Captain Jack – Boom Town

As the gang prepare to track down the Slitheen, they synchronise phones before splitting up.

Rose and Mickey have the same Nokias as before, but Cap’n Sexypants has this gorgeous beast tucked in his trousers.

Captain Jack's phone.

Phwoar! A Motorola – almost certainly from the large central logo and offset front facing camera.

I thought this was the E1000 – although it doesn’t have the buttons on the side. It’s also similar to the C980. Judging by the circles on the corners, it looks like a flip-phone with a transparent cover – reminiscent of the A768i.

Is it even a Moto? The green answer button is on the right – Motos have them on the left. Perhaps this is just a prop? Help me out here!

Once again, Sam Machin saves the day!

Yup, that’s the Motorola A835

The Doctor – Boom Town

WTAF? A Time Lord with a phone? In the same episode, you can see the Doctor has his own device.

Side view of the Doctor's phone.

Yet another Nokia. This time the 6230i – I’d recognise that back stripe anywhere.


That’s a wrap for Series One. We’ve finished with the Bad Wolf arc – now it’s time for the rise of Torchwood. I’ll be publishing one series per day.

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